Royal Navy Recognised Sea Scouts

Summer Camp – Centenary Camp 2019

Summer Camp this year marks the centenary of our relationship with the Royal Navy.   Summer Camp 2019 will offer new and exciting opportunities to celebrate the occasion.  Celebrations will culminate in a special day of activities, and an evening Sunset ceremony at HMS EXCELLENT.

Summer Camp 2019 will take place on HMS BRISTOL, Whale Island, Portsmouth from Saturday 25th May 2019 until Saturday 1st June 2019.

We are accepting bids for Scouts, Young Leaders and Adults.  Forms can be found at the bottom of this page, but please read all the provided information before applying.

The completion of a bid form does not guarantee a place.  They will be allocated by email as per the process below.

Please note the timeframes and deadlines below carefully – if deadlines are missed your application will be rejected.

We look forward to seeing you on board!

Nathan Cole

Scout Leader in Charge


Scouts must be aged at least 12 years at the start of the event, and remain younger than 14 years 6 months throughout.  Scouts must be invested members of an RN Recognised Troop.

There are 4 options for Scouts.  There are very restricted places for the three courses, which will often be limited to one per group – bear this in mind when applying.  It is highly recommended that those applying for a course have attended this event previously, because they need to be familiar with the ship and day to day routine.  For Scouts who have not attended before, the Activities camp is much more suitable.

You will need to make your own arrangements for transportation, although we are able to offer transport to and from Portsmouth Harbour Train Station on the start and finish days of camp.  Deposits are required as described below.

We expect to receive a very high number of bids for places this year.  We trust that section leaders will give consideration to the merits of each young person they are bidding for.  We will not accept applications from Scouts who cannot attend for the entire duration of the event.

Activities Camp Dinghy Sailing Course
The Scouts have a different activity every day.  Activities may include:

  • Dinghy Sailing
  • Yacht Sailing
  • Kayaking/Paddlesports
  • Powerboating
  • Offsite adventurous activities
Working through the RYA youth Sailing Scheme, aimed at improving confidence and get time on the water.
Applicants preferred with no qualifications, but if they do have qualifications then no higher than RYA stage 2 Youth Sailing Scheme
Paddlesports Course Powerboating Course

Focusing on developing your technique, skills and knowledge further, all in a fun and flexible way.

By the end of this course, you should receive your Explore Kayak and Explore Canoe Awards

This entry level course provides the skills and background knowledge needed to drive a powerboat.

Explorers – Young Leaders

Explorers must be invested members of an RN Recognised Explorer Unit or an Explorer Unit holding a partnership agreement with an RN Recognised Scout Troop.  Explorers attending summer camp, do so in a Young Leader role. The management team will send home any Explorer who is not found the be appropriate for the role.

There are only three options for Explorer Helpers detailed below.  We cannot accept applications for Explorers/Young Leaders on any other team.

Dinghy Sailing Paddlesports Powerboating

Minimum qualification RYA level 2 (adult scheme) or RYA stage 3 (youth scheme)

Explorers should ideally be 15 years old, although younger applicants may be considered based on qualifications and experience.

Prior experience required, confident enough to teach others on and off the water.

Explorers should ideally be 15 years old, although younger applicants may be considered based on qualifications and experience.

Suitable for Explorers interested in progressing their powerboating towards Safety Boat, Intermediate Helm and Instructor. Those interested must hold a Tidal Powerboat Level 2, and be aged 16 by the start of camp.
Explorers who hold a Safety Boat and valid First Aid certificate are encouraged to apply for camp on the Safety Boat team.


A wide range of roles are available for Adult Leaders.  We are happy to consider applications from all leaders, regardless of section or appointment held.  Adults must be over 18 years of age at the start of the event and hold a current appointment (with DBS in place) with a RN Recognised Sea Scout Group or be a current member of the ALNSASU.

  • Divisional Officers.  Divisional Officers, along with an Assistant Divisional Officer, are responsible for a Division (Group) of 24 YP throughout the week.
  • Support Team. Various roles, helping to deliver the camp.
  • First Aid
  • Beach Master. This role will involve the signing in and out of kit each day alongside the management of pontoons and the stowage of associated craft each.
  • Activity Teams (Powerboating, Dinghy Sailing, Small Yacht Sailing and Paddlesports)

If you have questions about job roles, please email

Summer Camp wouldn’t be possible without the support and dedication of the volunteers.   Due to the nature of this year’s centenary celebrations, priority for staff and instructor team places will be given to those who have applied to attend for the duration of camp. Those applying to attend as a member of a water activity instruction team are required to attend a compulsory briefing and familiarisation session on Saturday at 12pm. Elements of this will take place afloat.

Completion of the registration form alone does not guarantee a place.  We will confirm places by email no later than the confirmation deadline.  The earlier your form is received, the earlier you will get a confirmation.

Note: Security arrangements have changed again compared to previous events.  There is no requirement to complete any paperwork or forms prior to the event – full details on security procedures will be provided in the Joining Instructions.


If you have any questions, please send an email to


Please read all of the information below before submitting any forms.  The management team are busy Scout leaders like everyone else, so it is very important that you follow the instructions below.

Time Frame and Deadlines

Date Scouts Explorers Adults
2359, 24th March 2019

Deadline for Bid Forms and Deposit Payments

This form only requests the number of places you wish to bid for.  We do not need to know details of the individuals concerned at this stage. Do not bid speculatively: We will expect that you can fill all the places you are allocated.

All groups who are requesting places for Scouts are required to send at least one Adult leader.  Each Adult must complete a registration form below.

Deposits of £30 per place are required. Payment must by made by this date.  If we cannot allocate you a place, we will refund your deposit.


Deadline for Explorer Applications

Completion of the form does not guarantee a place.

Explorer Applications are to be completed by the Explorer Leader or Section Leader – not by the Explorer themselves or their parents.

Suggested latest completion date for Adult Registrations

Each adult attending will need to fill in an online form. We ask that each leader fills in their own form to ensure the data is correct.

Completing your form early allows the management team to work out what resources we have and can lead to more young people being offered places.

Should you find, after you have booked onto the event, you are unable to attend, you MUST email to update us. We would ask that you do this as soon as you are aware of your change of circumstances.

Week commencing 25th March 2019

Allocation of Scout Places

You will be informed by email during this week.

We will send out confirmation forms which will request the details of those attending the event.  Payment of the outstanding balance will be requested.

If we are unable to confirm any places requested, we will maintain a reserve list.  If additional places become available, we will contact you.

Confirmation of Explorer Places

By email to ESL. Payment will be requested at this stage, and must be received prior to arrival at the event.  Payment will be requested with confirmations.

2359, 28th April 2019

Deadline for Confirmation Forms and Full Payment

Online confirmation forms must be completed by this time, and full payment must be received.

Any groups who fail to comply with this requirement will forfeit their places and deposits paid.

Week commencing 6th May 2019 Joining Instructions Issued Joining Instructions Issued Joining Instructions Issued
25th May 2019 Start of Event Start of Event Start of Event


The cost for the event is:

  • Scouts – £100
  • Explorers – £45
  • Adults – Free of Charge
Make payable to: Sea Scout Central Fund
Post to:
Flat 7,
159 Elm Grove,
Write your Group Name and RN Number on back of the cheque.
Bank Transfer
Account Name: Sea Scout Central Fund
Sort code: 30-92-02
Account no: 01042219
Use your Group Name or RN number as payment reference

Online Application Forms

Closed Scout Bid Form – NOT to be completed by Scouts or Parents
Closed Explorer Application Form – (available following calling notice post 13th Feb 2019) To be completed by the ESL, NOT by Explorers or Parents.
Closed Adult Application Form – (available following calling notice post 13th Feb 2019) To be completed by each leader individually.

Confirmation Forms

Closed Confirmation Form (only to be completed by the leader in charge for each group)

Forms and Documents

Permission Forms for Scouts and Explorers

Please print these forms off, and bring with you. Please do not send them to us electronically. It really helps at booking in if each Young Person is ready holding their own forms.

Download Permission and Personal Information Forms

Kit Lists

Download Activity Camp Kit List
Download Powerboating/Safety Boat Kit List
Download Dinghy Sailing Kit List
Download Paddlesports Kit List

Forms for Adults

Please print these forms off, and bring with you. Please dco not send them to us electronically.

Download Personal Information Form

Useful Documents for Leaders

Download HMS Bristol Information Pack