Royal Navy Recognised Sea Scouts

HMS Bristol



HMS Bristol is the latest Royal Navy ship to be employed as a harbour training and accommodation ship for the Royal Navy, Royal Navy Reserves, Cadet Forces and Youth Organizations.

Permanently berthed at Whale Island, the Ship remains in commission, has a Royal Navy Commanding Officer and operates as a Department of HMS Excellent.

A Type 82 Destroyer of 7000 tons, and the seventh ship to bear the name, Bristol was laid down as the first of her class, designed to escort aircraft carriers planned in the 1960s; she was the only one built because the aircraft carriers were cancelled.


There are many hazards on board ship, so to minimize the risk of injury to you and to others there are some important rules:

  • ALWAYS walk when on the pontoons and on board, especially between decks.
  • Shoes or trainers MUST be worn at all times on board ship.
  • Walk down the companionways (ladders); face the ladder for maximum safety.
  • Look out for hazards both at deck level and at head height.


Accommodation is in bunks either in cabins or communal messdecks. There are no en-suite facilities and you need to bring your own towel but bedding is provided. If you are accommodated in a messdeck, please return your used sheets and pillowcases at the store near the after entrance to the Ship.