Royal Navy Recognised Sea Scouts

Getting There

HMS Bristol is situated on Whale Island, in Portsmouth.

To access HMS Bristol by car, drive down Whale Island Way, and over the bridge.  Obey the speed limits and switch headlights to sidelights only to avoid blinding the guards.  Stay in the left-hand lane and initially park in the car park by the guardhouse.  All over 18’s will need to present themselves with valid, official photo ID.  The security arrangements may vary between events so please check the information provided carefully.  The guardhouse will issue the appropriate passes, and direct you toward HMS Bristol where you can drop off or pick up.  If you are staying on camp, you will need to park your car in the visitors car park, which the guardhouse will be able to direct you to.

If you intend to arrive by public transport, we may be able to organise collection and return to the train station.  We cannot guarantee this for every event, and we will make it clear in the documentation if we are able to provide this.  We do not want transportation to stop groups attending, so if this is an issue for you, please contact

Address: Whale Island Way, Portsmouth PO2 8EW