Royal Navy Recognised Sea Scouts

Information for Leaders

The Bristol Lounge

The Bristol Lounge is available for off duty Sea Scout leaders. It is also used by other officers after 1830. The temporary member’s mess fee is included in the leaders’ camp fees.


A cash only bar is run for the benefit of all mess members and is manned by a member of the Ship’s Staff. The bar will only be open from 2000 until 2215 daily. There is a 15 minute drinking up time after which the mess must be clear of all alcohol. Only alcohol purchased at the bar may be consumed onboard. Alcohol is NOT to be consumed outside the confines of the mess. This includes taking of drinks outside of the mess whilst having a cigarette or final drinking up.


Smart casual wear is required but clean activity gear may be worn in the mess until 1730 but during lunchtime if visitors are present. Sportswear and boating rig are not allowed in the mess at any time and dirty or wet footwear is to be removed prior to entering the mess lounge. After 1730 non-duty personnel are required to wear clean, smart civilian clothes and shoes (not trainers).

Mess Cleanliness

The cleanliness and general tidiness of the mess is the responsibility of all mess members; this includes the changing and communal areas. Please help to clean up any cutlery and crockery.

When leaving the mess after lights out be sure to keep the noise to a minimum and do not continue conversations in the accommodation areas where people, including the ship’s duty personnel will be asleep.